Monday 30 July 2012 - 19:00

2012 London Olympics: Jan Schaffrath Blog 2

2012 London Olympics: Jan Schaffrath Blog 2

During the road race, everybody was waiting for Great Britain, and maybe even us, the German Team, to see if we had a solution to the sprint. But then at the end of the last lap, a lot of nations went in the breakaway and we were waiting a little bit thinking about what Great Britain is going to do. By the time we tried to pull, it was a little too late. All the big nations lost a great opportunity, not just us and the British. But OK, that is life!

We are now focused on the time trial on Wednesday. Today we did the parcours of the time trial. The parcours is hard, but really good for the skills of our riders, Tony Martin and Bert Grabsch. The road is nice, except for some holes in the road. But at the end of the day, this is a good parcours for our riders. I have faith in the riders. I think they can make a good performance.

For the rest, it's always difficult here for cyclists. All the sporting events are in some arenas, some location. For us, in order to train, we have to go outside of the city. We travel something like two hours a day to find a place to train and come back. But that's part of the job, and part of the Olympics. But it's also really nice in the Olympic Village. I met with a lot of athletes. It's quite funny to meet a lot of the guys and girls you watch on TV. Maybe for them, it's the same to meet Tony Martin and our guys. All of the big sportsmen can meet each other. that's the magic of the Olympic Village!

We also went to see another match with our German Team. Our team doctor, Tony, Achim, and Guido went to see a field hockey match of the German team! It's the first time we didn't understand a thing about the sport. At the end of the day, it was fun and a great time for everybody. We enjoyed our time there. At the moment we are going to try and get some food at the Olympic Village. It's always a good moment to talk with somebody. It's nice and we are happy to be able to have this experience.

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