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OPQS will sleep on Innergetic during the preparation for “Paris-Roubaix”

OPQS will sleep on Innergetic during the preparation for “Paris-Roubaix”

Innergetic will ensure that the cyclists enjoy a good night's rest before Cobbled Classic "Paris-Roubaix". Innergetic is supporting the racing cyclists at their explicit request.

Since the launch of Innergetic, professional cyclists choose to sleep on Innergetic. Not only at home, but also during the "Tour de France". For the first time, pro cyclists will also sleep on Innergetic before "Paris-Roubaix."

It is important that pro cyclists appear well rested at the start of each race, as the parcour is difficult and the race can last for up to six or seven hours. Therefore it is crucial for the riders to have an invigorating night's rest leading up to this one-day Spring Classic, just as it is necessary during the multiple week "Tour de France." The pro cyclists of Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team have therefore explicitly asked Innergetic to support them during the crucial "Paris-Roubaix." Innergetic has gladly undertaken the task, thus offering the pro cyclists their well-deserved night's sleep with the best quality material, so they can appear at the start with their batteries charged and legs ready for battle.

Sylvain Chavanel:

"Sleep quality is fundamental. Thanks to Innergetic before Paris-Roubaix we can sleep as if we were at home. In fact, each athlete on the team has an Innergetic mattress at home with the same features as those we end up using during races such as the Tour de France. The service Innergetic offers the team a considerable advantage during important moments of the season."

Niki Terpstra:

"For an athlete recuperation is very important, especially in a demanding race such as Paris-Roubaix. At Roubaix the race is long, the parcour is challenging, and therefore require complete focus and full energy in order to tackle the cobbles. So sleep quality is fundamental in obtaining a good performance the following day. The technology contained in Innergetic mattresses helps us rest and recharge our batteries for the next day. The features of an Innergetic mattress support body movement during the night. The next day I wake up without aches and pains, perfectly rested. Innergetic pillows are also fundamental. Sleeping on a latex pillow prevents unpleasant cervical aches and plays an important part in our successes."

Greater chance of getting a good night's rest

The Innergetic mattresses meet the four main criteria for a high-quality mattress: good energy return, comfort, high-capacity ventilation and durability. The revolutionary mattress core in latex foam perfectly adapts to the sleeper's body contours. Which improves the odds of getting a good night's rest – and winning the race!

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