Saturday 25 October 2014 - 22:48

6-Days Amsterdam Day 6: Terpstra & Havik Win After Exciting Final Day!

6-Days Amsterdam Day 6: Terpstra & Havik Win After Exciting Final Day!

OPQS rider Niki Teprstra and Yoeri Havik went into the final Madison, on the final day of 6-Days Amsterdam, with a lap advantage on Saturday. The duo came storming back into the overall lead just in time after falling as far as 4th in the GC on Day 5. Thanks to great performances on Day 6, including a victory in the team elimination, the duo looked to be in great shape for the last event of an exciting 6-Days Amsterdam.

But Jasper De Buyst and Pim Ligthart were determined to battle back. The duo collected so many points in the final 100-lap Madison with their aggression,  they surpassed 400 total points by the end of the race. But despite their best efforts, Terpstra and Havik covered enough moves to prevent them from neutralizing the crucial lap advantage, which meant an overall victory. Terpstra and Havik finished with 340 points and a lap advantage, while De Buyst and Ligthart finished 2nd with 405 points.

This is the second victory at 6-Days Amsterdam for Terpstra, who also won in 2011. OPQS now has 67 wins, in three disciplines, in 2014.

"I'm very happy with this victory," Terpstra said. "First of all, after the crash of derny pacer Cees Stam, who is my teammate Yoeri's grandfather, it was important to support my teammate. He wanted to continue the race despite Stam being in the hospital with serious injuries. He was really dedicated to getting the best result possible and it makes this victory that much more special for Yoeri, and also myself. I hope Cees is doing well and send him my best wishes. Second, it was a very hard six days and a spectacular final Madison. De Buyst and Ligthart kept attacking and attacking, which meant we had to struggle to defend our leadership. But this made it a great race for the public and for all of us riding. Finally, this is the second time I've won this race and as a Dutch guy, it's a great feeling to win in Amsterdam. I have a big smile on my face after a hard fought win."

6-Days Amsterdam FINAL GC

1. / Niki Terpstra/Yoeri Havik 340 points
2. / Pim Ligthart/Jasper De Buyst 405 pt +1 lap
3. / Nick Stöpler/Leif Lampater 256 pt +1 lap
4. / Alex Rasmussen/Marc Hester 269 pt +4 laps
5. / Melvin Boskamp/Jesper Asselman 159 pt +23 laps
6. / Denis Rugovac/Sebastian Wotschke 89 pt +23 laps
7. / Tim Veldt/Luke Roberts 171 pt +29 laps
8. / Dylan Groenewegen/Nolan Hoffmann 128 pt +33 laps
9. / Mitchell Huenders/Marco Zanotti 37 pt +35 laps
10. / Patrick Kos/Christian Kos 88 pt +38 laps
11. / Guy East/Daniel Holloway 47 pt +38 laps

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