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Last week, you sent us on Twitter your questions for Dan Martin. After getting them, the double Monument winner selected the top 10 and replied to them.

– What's the toughest climb you tackled in pro cycling? (@shanecoogan)

Being a pro cyclist, the last climb you did it's the most difficult one. But on a more serious note, Monte Zoncolan is my answer, because it has a horrible gradient for 10 kilometers.

– What's your favorite training ride? (@wannesvdv99)

Any ride that involves a coffee shop and sitting in the sun, because these are the days in which you realize how great is to be a pro rider. I just love riding in Andorra, going in the mountains there is spectacular, beautiful and challenging. Arcalis is one of the climbs you can ride up and enjoy a fabulous scenery.

– What are your ambitions for the Tour de France? (@bobbiesemans)

My ambition is to do my best and be lucky, to avoid trouble and stay healthy, because I know that if this happens, then things will go fine for me.

– Is cycling greatness in the genes or can it be attained by hard work and determination? (@wulljackson0512)

It's a mixture of both. If you have the talent, you still have to work hard and have the right environment to reach your potential. That's very important in life, to have the proper environment and also to choose the right path to succeed.

– Who are your top three favourite athletes? (@escarabajoscc)

That's a really tough one. I don't idolize anybody, but I watch Valentino Rossi a lot and I admire his professionalism. He's been doing it for 20 years now, always been in the limelight and you have never heard a bad word on him in the media, which is really admirable. Matter of fact, I will gladly sit down and watch any sport in which I get to watch an athlete who's on top of his game.

– When did you start to ride your bike? (@fernandgarcia14)

One of my first memories is from when I was a couple of months shy of my third birthday and was desperate to take my stabilizers off my bike and ride with two wheels. Even at a young age I was stubborn and wanted to enjoy freedom. Being in the family I was in, I always wanted to ride a bike. I got my first road bike for Christmas when I was 12 and one of my first rides was on the Alpe d'Huez, when our family went for a holiday to the Tour de France, back in 2000.

– Which is your biggest goal for this season? Tour de France, Olympics or Lombardia? (@hagehagechabin)

I don't really set goals, because I think you can be competitive all year round. There's no reason I can't go for all. At the moment, the Tour de France is my goal, at it comes first.

– What's the ultimate race you want to win? (@kurt_thys)

The Olympics would be really special. It's probably the only possibility to win, the course suits me and I am excited about this huge opportunity.

– When did you decide to become a cyclist, who where your idols as a kid? (@ImjoOfficial)

Because of my family scenario and having my uncle Stephen at a very high level and also my father at a good level, I decided I want to become a pro even before beginning to ride races. People used to laugh at me in school when I was saying I want to become a rider, but if you believe in something, you can do it.

– Would you rather get another Monument win or a Grand Tour podium? (@MarmeladromeCC)

This is really tricky. I won Liège–Bastogne–Liège and Il Lombardia, and this are the Monuments in which I can have a shot at victory. Paris-Roubaix doesn't suit me so much, although I am learning the cobbles in this team. The Grand Tour podium is missing, but it's also something I haven't aimed for, so it will be exciting to see how far I can go.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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