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This week, you sent us on Twitter your questions for Stijn Vandenbergh. After getting them, the Belgian selected the best 10 and replied to them.

– People talk about the disadvantages you have because of your big frame, but what are the advantages? @ImjoOfficial

I can look over the peloton, so I feel much safer when I can see what's coming up, like turns, poles and all kind of stuff. Also it's a great advantage for the rider behind me, as he's always out of the wind.

– What kind of food do you like the most during a race? @grietdr

For breakfast I like the most fresh pancakes! During the race I eat bananas, Etixx products and the rice cakes that our soigneurs make; my favorite flavor is raspberry. After the race I like the protein bars from Etixx, with cocos flavor. For dinner I love a good medium-baked entrecôte with some vegetables and when I'm not racing I have some pepper sauce with it.

– Have you kept the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana plastic bag as souvenir? @jack_the_doctor

I didn't save the bag. Now it would have been indeed a great souvenir, but at the time I didn't think of it, unfortunately. But of course I kept my jersey with my number and I have great pictures and videos from that day. So I will never forget about that bag.

– What are your personal goals for this season? @jolien_dv

Being good at the Spring Classics, that is my absolute goal! Would be so nice to be in the finale at the Tour of Flanders again, because it's a real special feeling riding those final kilometers. Of course, I also want to be there for my fellow teammates and help them win! Another goal for this year is to ride the Tour de France and the World Championships.

– Which race or event do you really want to win and why? @jenniferashlin1

The Tour of Flanders! It finishes in the city where I was born, so I know a lot of people there. This is definitely my dream race. It would be really great to win there once.

– Who is the best roommate? @elise0512x

Most of the time I share a room with Tom Boonen, and I have to say that most of the time it's really quiet and easy in the room and I love that. Our conversations are mostly about cars, dream cars we would love to drive. But I love it that we don't have to talk the whole time, we leave each other alone too. When I'm not sharing a room with Tom, I also like to share the room with Pieter Serry; he's quite funny and crazy and he really helps you take your mind off things.

– Prestige of the race aside: which is your favourite country to ride at? @ruiduarte16

For me it's important to have good weather! I love going to races like Tour de Langkawi, Tour Down Under, Tour of California, or Tour of Qatar. If I were to choose my favourite country to ride at, that would be the US, with the Tour of California, which has very nice roads and beautiful surroundings. As for training, my favourite location is Gran Canaria.

– What TV show/DVD boxset are you into at the moment? @motorcycleMTNS

To be honest, I'm not too much into series or movies, it's been a while since I watched a movie, but if I have to choose my favourite movies I would name any movie with Jason Statham, like the "Transporter" series. Right now I'm watching a Dutch series on the Belgian TV, "Eigen Kweek", about a West of Flanders family of farmers who grow weed plants. It's really funny.

– I have read that you are a car guy. What is your favourite street car of all time? @Torsten_111

My favourite street car at this moment is 458 Speciale from Ferrari, and another dream car is a Porsche GT3 RS.

– How's the weather in Parijs-Nice? @yveslampaert

Yves, I've had three days of rain and snow over here! But as we came closer to Nice we got more and more sun, which was great.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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