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Five unknown facts: Fernando Gaviria

Five unknown facts: Fernando Gaviria

In January, we kicked-off a season-long series focused on unknown things about our riders. Very likely, everybody is aware how the Etixx – Quick-Step riders came into the sport or what are their biggest results to date, but few or none know what movies and music they enjoy, or where they like to spend their holidays. Here's your chance to find out all these.

Hobbies: I like video games a lot, particularly racing games. Moto GP (where I always pick Jorge Lorenzo, who's my favourite also in real life) and Need for Speed are the two games I play. I like the speed, I like the adrenaline and these games allow me to experience all these in a different way. Another hobby is listening to music, reggaeton to my more precise. Can't say I have a favourite song, it depends on my mood, but I have a favourite artist, and that is Daddy Yankee, a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer.

Favourite movie: The Conjuring. It's by far one of the best horror movies ever made, a really outstanding experience, with a story so compelling that it keeps your interest alive all the time.

Favourite TV series: By far, on the top of my list is Prison Break, an amazing show that got me hooked in an instant. It's fast, it's thrilling and has some really brilliant and unpredictable characters which made the series a real hit.

Favourite food: Frijoles de la Olla ("beans in a pot"), made by my grandmother. This is a very common dish in South America, based on a very easy recipe, for which you need some beans, onion and a medium pot. It's really delicious, you should try it.

Favourite holiday destination: Venice, although I haven't been there yet. I've seen some pictures of it and that sparked my interest and curiosity. I hope to visit Venice soon and discover this beautiful city.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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