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Five Unknown Facts: Niki Terpstra

Five Unknown Facts: Niki Terpstra

In January, we kicked-off a season-long series focused on unknown things about our riders. Very likely, everybody is aware how the Etixx – Quick-Step riders came into the sport or what are their biggest results to date, but few or none know what movies and music they enjoy, or where they like to spend their holidays. Here's your chance to find out all these.

Favourite movies: "Back to the Future". I know it's more than 30-years-old, but for me it will always be one of the best movies ever made. It's the kind of film that got you dreaming and asking yourself if all these things could become possible one day. If you look on what happened since, you can see many of them did, although I – like everyone else – am still waiting for the power-laced shoes to hit the market.

Favourite TV series: "The Sopranos" and "House of Cards". The first one developed its own mythology sort to speak, thanks to its great lines, excellent soundtrack, intriguing situations and hilarious moments, while "House of Cards", which is a political drama, as well as a satire, took the concept of machiavellism to a whole new level. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the incredible Kevin Spacey, who gives life to one of the best characters in the history of TV shows.

Favourite holiday location: During the off-season, I like to go with my family in Curaçao, because my kids love it a lot there. You have everything you need: white sand beaches, crystal clear water, sun, and above all, relaxation.

Favourite video games: In the past, I was a fan of Gran Turismo; I loved the racing and the adrenaline it gave you, but now I don't play it anymore.

Favourite book: "Kidnapping of Mister Heineken", by Peter Rudolf de Vries. It tells the story of what happened in 1983, when Freddy Heineken was kidnapped by five men and released for a ransom of 35 million guilders. What makes this book great is not only the story in itself, but all the small details which help you get a bigger picture of the whole events.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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