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Five Unknown Facts: Tony Martin

Five Unknown Facts: Tony Martin

In January, we kicked-off a season-long series focused on unknown things about our riders. Very likely, everybody is aware how the Etixx – Quick-Step riders came into the sport or what are their biggest results to date, but few or none know what movies and music they enjoy, or where they like to spend their holidays. Here's your chance to find out all these.

Superstitions: It's not really a superstition, but before a race I try to take my mind off the race and relax by reading some car magazines and listening to some hip hop or r&b music.

Favourite movies: "The Dark Knight Rises". I'm sure many of you have watched it and agree that it's not only one of the best "Batman" movies ever made, but one of the best movies ever. Everything about it is perfect: the plot which never runs out of gas, Batman's relentless fight against crime, his intense psychological struggles and the rich supporting cast; last but not least, Heith Ledger's "Joker" goes down as one of the most iconic movie villains of all time.

Favourite TV series: "24", "Breaking Bad" and "The Shield". All three are action-packed and alert, full of suspense and intrigue from the very first minute. Watching a TV series is spot on from time to time, as it takes you out of your usual routine.

Favourite holiday destination: The Maldives. It's really great to unwind there after a long, stressful and tiring season, and to enjoy every second you spend in that tropical paradise.

Favourite books: Don't have a particular book which I could say I like more than others, but I really enjoy reading books – thrillers being at the top of my list – because they help me relax in the evening and are better than movies or TV series.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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