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Giro d'Italia: Uran and Boonen Meet with the Media

Giro d'Italia: Uran and Boonen Meet with the Media

Etixx – Quick-Step riders Rigoberto Uran and Tom Boonen met with the media prior to the Giro d'Italia, which starts on Saturday, the 9th of May. Uran is designated to be the leader of the team after placing 2nd in the Giro in both 2013 and 2014. Tom Boonen will be participating for the first time in his career.

Rigoberto Uran

"It's no secret that I love this race and this is a main objective of my season. I come into this race with good condition after the Tour de Romandie, which was the same race that I used to get into the rhythm of competition last year. It was my first race after going back to Europe from Colombia and it was an important step to get me ready for these next few weeks. I am ready to try again to reach the Giro podium at the end of the three weeks. I don't know where I can finish as you can never predict these things in cycling. What's important is I've already been on the podium twice. This year I have a really good, strong team around me and I am confident I will have the support needed to do well."

"As for tomorrow's stage, it will be a fast time trial with not a lot of corners but a couple of them are really technical, so we will have to pay attention. We will do our best to get the best result possible. As for the individual time trial of Stage 14, I'll do as well as I can. But you can't possibly win the Giro at that point, because the following week will be the key mountain stages. That is where things will really be settled."

"We have a lot of riders at this race who are able to do well. There are guys like Aru, Contador, Porte, and of course during the race you will find other good riders in contention for the victory. They will be here to fight for the pink jersey just like me. For sure this will be a race where the differences won't be made in just one or two moments. There has to be a consistent performance over three weeks to really make the difference in the GC with strong riders like this at the Giro."

Tom Boonen

"I don't think my role here is solely as a sprinter. I am here to help Rigo guide the team a little bit, to put our stamp on this race through his performances. Of course in the sprints, if there is any chance I will for sure try. I just completed Tour of Turkey as my first race back from injury. It was going very well and my condition has improved in function of the Giro. So I hope maybe I can go for a good result in the sprints. But my main objective is to guide the team and do well in all the stages. We aren't here for the sprints. We are here for Rigoberto."

"I like Italy, I like this region. I loved close by for a while. It's nice to be here for this big race. I'm looking forward to being here. It's strange after 14 years as a professional to do something new. I'd like to do all the things I haven't done yet, and the Giro is one of them. It's a special race with a lot of tradition and I am excited to experience this great race the next few weeks."

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