Sunday 10 May 2015 - 19:36

Giro: Pieter Serry Update

Giro: Pieter Serry Update

Results of medical examinations for Pieter Serry, following his Stage 2 crash and withdrawal from the Giro d'Italia on Sunday, underlined no fractures. However, it was determined Pieter suffered strained (stretched) ligaments in his right shoulder that cause him a lot of pain.

Tomorrow Serry will return to Belgium where he will pass further examinations.

"I'm really sad and disappointed today because I am just coming back to competition after a collarbone fracture at Catlunya," Serry said. "I did my best to come back and be ready for this Giro. I think I was ready and in good shape to help Rigo. It's a pity for me, and also the team, because they counted on me for this grand tour. But honestly, after the crash during the kilometers I was trying to ride I had terrible pain and couldn't hold my handlebar with my right arm. I leave this Giro really sad, but the only thing to do now is my best to come back as soon as possible, find my shape again, and be useful for the team for the next part of the season. I wish my teammates all the best."

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