Thursday 02 October 2014 - 18:34

Iljo Keisse Update

Iljo Keisse Update

OPQS rider Iljo Keisse anticipates an immediate end to his road season following a diagnosed small fracture to his left acetabulum, as consequence of a crash during Primus Classic Impanis- Van Petegem on the 20th of September.

"After the crash I wasn't feeling so good," Keisse said. "Then the situation improved a bit, but then it got worse and worse again. I knew there was something wrong. So together with the team we decided to see what was the problem. Yesterday I went to the hospital for a screening by medical staff, which was when the small fracture was diagnosed. For me, I can ride my bike for a short ride or on the track, but we decided to stop my road season to avoid any risks connected to bad roads or cobblestones that in this moment can generate vibrations on my hip and possibly cause problems. I am sad to see my season end this way, but the injury will require only a couple weeks to heal. So, with such a short healing time, it would make no sense to take risks rather than simply focus on recovery and getting back to training as soon as possible."

This injury and recovery time will not affect the 6-Days season of Iljo Keisse. He will start training in function of track racing in two weeks. His complete 6-days program will be released soon by the team.

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