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Injury Update: Tony Martin and Levi Leipheimer

Injury Update: Tony Martin and Levi Leipheimer

The following information contains updates on the conditions of Tony Martin and Levi Leipheimer.

Tony Martin Update

Tony Martin's physical condition is improving. The TT world champion, who was hit by a car last Wednesday during training, has had the pleasure to finally get back on the saddle, even though only for a limited amount of time.

"I am really happy to be able to get back on my bicycle on the road," Martin said. "I pedalled for 30 minutes yesterday on a bike path near home and today I went out again riding my bike for about an hour. Obviously, these aren't training sessions, but just some pedalling to get used to the bicycle and the road again. I am trying to listen to my body and I'm pedalling without taking any type of risk. It's a very pleasant feeling, especially thinking about the fact that a week ago I was lying in a hospital bed."

There is no scheduled date yet for Martin's return to training and races.

"Right now I am focusing on my body and I am only thinking about recovering fully. I will start more intense training sessions only when I feel like I'm ready for it and the team's medical staff will say it is ok to do so," Martin said.

Levi Leipheimer update

Levi Leipheimer is still suffering after fracturing his left leg's fibula. The Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team rider was hit by a car during training the day before the start of Pais Vasco (April 1, 2012).

"The situation isn't pleasant at all," Leipheimer said from his home in Santa Rosa." Ever since the day of the accident I haven't managed to get back on my bike out on the road, and I honestly don't know when that will be possible. Recovery is slower than we expected. I still have pain in my leg and I'm having trouble walking. I also have pain in my ribs and hips due to the fall, this is limiting my movement."

Levi Leipheimer's participation in the Tour of California is uncertain at this point.

"The Tour of California was one of the objectives for my season," Leipheimer added. "I wanted to be competitive in order to win a fourth overall title. At this point, merely participating will be a success. I will put in my best effort to manage to be on the starting line, even though it won't be easy."

A further update on Leipheimer's and Martin's condition will be given next week.

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