Friday 30 March 2012 - 16:59

New OPQS App, Special Merchandise Available

New OPQS App, Special Merchandise Available

Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team released a new app on Friday that enhances the way fans stay connected with, and informed about, the team. The mobile app is available in the Apple store.

Thanks to Tapp — the app creator — the second edition of the 2012 "OPQS"mobile app enables fans to browse the team website with simply the tap of a finger, instead of searching through a typical web browser for information. Users can also gain exclusive access to interactive content, such as a chatroom, by creating a Tapp account with a valid e-mail address. The photobooth app is included, but is new and improved. Fans can now take photos with riders in the background — Levi Leipheimer and Tom Boonen in particular. Furthermore, an interactive Fanpictures feature allows fans to post photos of the team and themselves, but also provide the location of their photo. The location is then placed on a map all users can see, so the global scope of the OPQS fan base is easier to comprehend. Another great feature is the quizzes and polls, which allow fans to give feedback on OPQS, but also compete to win prizes. The OPQS app is focused on making fans feel like they are part of the team.

Vincent Parisis, CEO of The Application Store and creator of the app: "By integrating the Tapp interactivity engine in the Omega Pharma - Quick-Step mobile app, the team chooses to be closer and more involved with its fans. Omega Pharma - Quick-Step and The Application Store are the perfect partners to deliver the most engaging mobile app in cycling!"

The team also wants fans to celebrate their connection with the team through uniquely designed T-shirts and wristbands. The OPQS acronym is featured. OPQS is a hashtag code used by the team and fans on Twitter, so they can directly interact and receive team specific updates through social media. The "Like" symbol is also included on the merchandise, which represents the engagement between the fans and team on social networks and beyond. Tom Boonen wore the T-shirt on Friday at the team press conference, and will wear the wrist band when he races Ronde van Vlaanderen on Sunday. Fans can purchase the items on the OPQS Web Shop.

"I like this kind of stuff," Tom Boonen said about the special merchandise. "Because it's really a unique way to dress and to feel like part of the team. It's something completely new and I really appreciate the job the team is doing to promote our team, and the image of our team, with the supporters. We believe the supporters deserve it. They are a great part of our success, and we are racing thanks to them. In this way, we try to reward them."

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