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News about Tom Boonen

News about Tom Boonen

Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team announces that rider Tom Boonen underwent an operation yesterday, Sunday January 20th, at the Herentals Clinic (Belgium), for a septic infection in his left elbow bursa.

The need to operate was caused by bacteria that penetrated his organism through a small cut on his left elbow, which he suffered after an apparently harmless accident that happened on Sunday, January 13th, while the Belgian champion was training on his mountain bike in some woods near his home.

"I fell on my left elbow," explains Tom Boonen. "I didn't even think about it, it was just a little scrape to the elbow, which I cleaned and disinfected once I got back home. During the week everything was going well, I wasn't having any problems. Then suddenly on Saturday, January 19th, my elbow started swelling. I started to get concerned and so together with the team medical staff I decided to go to the hospital in Herentals. After specific checks and therapy and a prescription of some antibiotics I went home. The following morning I went back to the hospital for a check up. When the doctors saw how swollen my arm was they immediately decided to operate. I have to thank the medical staff," continued Boonen, "who understood right away that the infection was spreading, and who organized things to solve the problem in no time."

Following the operation, Boonen will have to spend a few days in observation at the hospital and undergo a treatment of antibiotics.

"That was a really close call for me," said Boonen. "Now, fortunately, the situation is improving. Now I want to recuperate as soon as possible and then next week I'll be thinking again on my training and competitive schedule. Of course, this problem couldn't have come at a worse time, what with the upcoming Classics."

Further information regarding Tom Boonen's condition and any eventual new racing schedules will be released by the press office over the next few days.

We kindly ask all the media to respect Tom Boonen's privacy and the quiet decorum of the hospital and doctors, and to communicate exclusively with the team's press office for any questions or information.

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