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OPQS Riders to Know: Pieter Serry

OPQS Riders to Know: Pieter Serry

Today we spoke with Pieter Serry (@pieter_serry), a 25-year-old Belgian rider finished with his first year riding for OPQS. Young Serry had a terrific first season including a top 10 finish in the Giro di Lombardia, amongst some of the top GC riders in the pro peloton. We ask him about his season, his hopes and dreams, family life, and more!

How was your year with OPQS and with what feeling do you look back on it?

For me it was a dream come true! To ride for the biggest team in cycling, and even to ride with my idols such as Tom Boonen and Mark Cavendish, is amazing. I learned so much from them and still am. For instance with the Vuelta, it was my first big tour and also my first Team Time Trial. I was so nervous and Tony Martin gave me some good advice on how I had to handle it, like be patient and not go immediately at full speed, things like that. I was really proud I could hold on with them and finish as 3rd! It gave me confidence as well. For me this was the most beautiful moment of the year.

In the beginning it was a real adjustment for me, because before I was used to riding only for myself. Now I had to ride for a whole team, together with the team, for my leader. This was a very good experience!

How important is cycling for you?

The most important thing. It's my life!

Do you have other passions?

No Cycling is my only passion for life.

All my free time goes to cycling, and of course to my girlfriend Stefy. We love to go to dinner or to the cinema or shopping. She's also very into cycling. To m,e she's like my Sports Director (laughs). Even during the race, like the Belgian Championship, she tells me what to do or what I did wrong. It's really funny and I love it. The big traveling was also a big adjustment for us as a couple. For instance, Tour de Langkawi or AMGEN Tour of California — if something happens to me she can't be there immediately, which for her and I think for all the girlfriends and wives of cyclists, it is something not so pleasant. But it comes with the job.

How's your family life?

I'm a farmer's son so I grew up in the country. I'm used to being outside on the fields and with the animals. I have a dog and a cat at home, but of course on the farm I have lot's of animals. My grandfather lives next to me and he's really proud of me. He also comes a lot to the races, which I love.

Your teammates think you are a funny guy, why do they think that?

I really don't know (smiles). For me it's important to have a little fun on the way! Of course it's important to be serious as well, but life is not only about seriousness. It has to be fun also!

How do you see yourself building on 2013 for next year?

I hope to be a bit stronger and I hope I can do good work for someone like Rigoberto Uran in the Giro. Also for the classics, I hope to reach top 5 or maybe even win a race. The dreams are for free, right?

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