Wednesday 14 October 2015 - 18:58

Patrick Lefevere: Thanks for being the "Wind at our Backs"

Patrick Lefevere: Thanks for being the "Wind at our Backs"

Dear fans,

Once again, this year has been another season full of satisfaction for the team. We won 54 races and for the 4th consecutive year we are the most winning team in the world.

We also made it to the podium 69 other times, 41 times to the second step and 28 to the third. Our team has been at the top for victories since the 2012 season.

These numbers speak for themselves. We were consistent and present in the actions all year. This is thanks to our athletes, but also to our staff, the team behind the team. However, we cannot forget our supporters. Many fans of the team have remained loyal since the inaugural 2003 season. It is easier to keep performing at the highest level possible when we have fans like ours cheering and following us at all our races throughout the season.

As a collective we are a winning team that loves to keep raising the level of their own performance. We hope you will continue to support us as we look ahead to next season with big motivation.

Thank you, fans, for being the "wind at our backs," and we will keep doing our best to make you proud!


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