Saturday 01 December 2012 - 19:13

Stybar Wins Race at Boonen & Friends Charity Cyclo-Cross

Stybar Wins Race at Boonen & Friends Charity Cyclo-Cross

One year after Lars Boom, another former world cyclo-cross champion won the Boonen & Friends Charity Cyclo-Cross. OPQS rider Zdenek Stybar beat Maarten Wynants. Peter Vanspeybrouck was third.

The Belgian hero Tom Boonen, promoter of the initiative together with Wilfried Peeters, couldn't take the start because of a lingering, strong gastrointeritis that forced him to a painful renunciation. Together with the team medical staff, Boonen decided in the late morning to skip the event to try to recover as soon as possible and start again training.

"I did all I could to be present today, but I had a few terrible days," Boonen said. "I lost also few kilos and I went also to the hospital for further checks. I know how much all the organization worked to prepare the cyclo-cross and the charity auction, but I'm still very weak and the risk to get sick again is too high in this moment. I had to stay at home a few more days, and recover as best as I can prior to the first training camp. I really would like to thank all the guys who participated today in the cyclo-cross race, and the whole organization. They were great and I hope tonight they can raise more funds to help Move to Improve."

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