Monday 21 July 2014 - 17:25

Tony Martin Extends Contract Through 2016

Tony Martin Extends Contract Through 2016

The extended sponsorship of the team was not the only good and important news of the press conference. OPQS rider Tony Martin, who has been one of the most exciting riders of the 2014 Tour de France, having won a stage solo and the Combativity Award two stages in a row, extended his contract for two more years.

"I've had almost three great years now with the team, with a lot of support," Martin said. "I gained a lot of new friends and I feel super comfortable. For me, there was no reason at all to change my team. I had a long talk with Patrick. We have chosen a lot of good goals for the future, goals we both want to reach. For example, it's no secret the 2016 Olympic Games are a big goal. For Patrick the 2015 Tour de France is maybe a step higher with a 13.7km opening time trial in Utrecht. We set other goals together, both team and individual. It will be hard work, but I know the team will give me the best support I can have. I'm looking forward to the next few years and maybe even longer."

"He was one of the leading riders of the team that was out of contract," Lefevere said. "It was a very active discussion that started with the Tour of Belgium. He wanted to stay, I wanted to keep him, and we found each other finally. Now this is team is part of his professional life. He's not only a super strong rider, but also a big motivator for the team. He always gives everything and is a great example for the young guys as as he's a great time trialist, but someone who works for his teammates without hesitation and with pleasure. The arrival of Tony raised the level of our team. We are happy that his future will be with us as he brings much to the table as a rider, and also as a person."

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