Thursday 12 April 2012 - 12:41

Tony Martin Injured in Bike Accident

Tony Martin Injured in Bike Accident

Yesterday, 11th April 2012, Tony Martin was involved in an accident during his daily training session not far from his house in Switzerland.

According to preliminary reports, Tony hit a car with his bike and lost consciousness after impact. He was immediately transported to the local hospital in Munsterlingen, (SUI). Tony was diagnosed with a fracture on his cheek bone that possibly needs surgery.

Tony was transported by ambulance to the University Hospital in Zurich this morning. His clinical condition is stable. In agreement with the team medical staff, today Tony Martin will undergo further specific examinations that will define the treatment he will need at that point.

Tony's clinical condition is being constantly monitored by the hospital staff and the team's medical staff. Tony's family is with him. Further updates will be released soon. We kindly ask the media to respect Tony and his family's privacy and to wait for official updates from the team press office.

Thanks for your understanding.

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