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Last week, you sent us on Twitter your questions for Yves Lampaert. After getting them, the 24-year-old Belgian selected the best 10 and replied to them.

– You are away solo and you have one minute with 10 kilometers to go. Which race would it be? (@ErinForks)

That's easy: Paris-Roubaix. It's my favourite race, the race I dream of since beginning cycling. A victory there means you've automatically gained your place in the history books.

– What is the funniest thing you've ever experienced as pro? (@sen_nsj)

Training camps are fun-packed all the time. Can't say there's this or that moment, being together with the group is always great.

– If you'd have to spend a full month on a deserted island and take only one teammate, whom would you choose? (@nanagatsunoco)

Probably Pieter Serry, because one month is a long time and he's a very funny guy with a lot of jokes in store.

– To what would you compare the life of a pro and why did you choose this road in life? (@CanceNoir)

You can't compare it to anything else. It's a tough, but also a beautiful life. You have to work hard, to sacrifice many things, but it's all worth it if you take a win with the team. Why am I here now? Because I liked cycling since a child, I grew up into it and to turn this passion into a full-time job was a dream come true.

– How was your road until turning pro? (@d0nth8m8)

Before cycling I did 11 years of judo. I started cycling when I was 17-years-old, one year later after racing as an amateur at the Farmers Championships. I took up cycling while doing my studies, so I've always been busy. I like the bike and the suffering. If you don't like the suffering, don't come to cycling.

– What are your main goals this season? (JorgeHM9)

To be good in the Classics, to support the leaders and to be at a high level all year long.

– Do you think you can win a World Tour classic this year? (@cav_arane)

2016 will be my second season with Etixx – Quick-Step and I'm aware that I still have to develop in many aspects. I want to do that, to stay healthy, and to always be there for the team.

– What was your best moment during the first season with Etixx – Quick-Step? (@MarcoBea92)

The most beautiful moment was the World Championships team time trial. Unfortunately, we didn't win, but even finishing second was a fantastic experience. Also Paris-Roubaix, where I came 7th, was a great race.

– Where does your nickname "The Bull of Ingelmunster" come from? (@qlercqie)

I'm from Ingelmunster, and a friend who saw my position on the bike said it resembles to the one of a bull. Another nickname that I have is "Lampy", the guys call me that all the time.

– What kind of salt do you prefer in your food: A – Coarse salt. B – Sliced salt, C – Barbecue Kurt salt? (@tomboonen1)

I'll go with C. It's a very tasteful and special salt that our cook Kurt brings with him every time.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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