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OPQS' Aldag Breaks Down Key Factors in Kwiatkowski's World Title

OPQS' Aldag Breaks Down Key Factors in Kwiatkowski's World Title

OPQS partner Zipp had the chance to chat with Rolf Aldag, OPQS sport and development manager, about Michal Kwiatkowski's recent UCI Road World Championship:

Before the race, did you sense that Michal was on form for a great world championship? He has had a great season but also has done a lot of hard racing this year. People saw him as a contender but not a top favorite.

Correct, Michal was one of the favorites, but for sure not "the" favorite. We knew that we was in good shape and ready. Michal spent some time at the OPQS team hotel after the TTT in a relaxed atmosphere and our sports directors made him aware of the his chances, trying to give him extra self confidence, without putting pressure on him. It was a special race for him as he is always proud to represent his country, and he had the role of a sole leader with the full support from his team. Winning is in Michal's nature, and he took his chance. He wasn't maybe the biggest favorite, but turned out to be the rider who deserved this win the most!

What about Michal makes him such a special rider? Is it his aggressiveness to attack? Tactical sense?
We all believe in Michal's talent, and we know that he takes the preparation for his season goals very, very serious. He has the instinct to do the right thing when his moment comes, but does not only base it on emotions. He is able to analyze a situation very quickly and makes the best decision. His learning skills during the race make him very competitive, especially during Worlds, where he has to ride the same lap over and over.

What did you make of Michal's choice of riding a front 303 Firecrest and rear 404 Firecrest? It was an interesting one given the course and conditions. We at Zipp know you love for riders to think about aerodynamics and wheel choice.
The wheel choice is never an easy one. You have to consider the performance on that course, but also the feeling the rider has. On top of it you have to be inside the UCI regulation of 6.8kg of a minimum weight.

Michal is rider who is really interest in data. He knows the performance advantage of different aero wheels and considered all the facts before he made the choice -- obviously a good choice.

What stands out with you about how Michal races and trains using his Quarq power meter. His power data really seemed to tell the story of his and his team's strategy.
Michal and his trainer, Koen Pelgrim, live roughly 2,000km away from each other. They are used to break things down in numbers to plan Michal's training and racing. That means that Michal is very familiar with power data. It is not only something that he sees on the display, it us something that he can work with, that he can interpret and use during races.... That mix is very important to get the best out of the adrenalin in the final of Worlds and the clean scientific power facts.

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