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Rider Q&A;: Niki Terpstra

Rider Q&A;: Niki Terpstra

Etixx - Quick-Step rider and defending Paris-Roubaix winner Niki Terpstra answered select questions asked by fans on the team Facebook page. His replies are below!

Sarah Young: Which cyclist did you idolise when you were growing up and most wanted to be like?

Niki: Cipollini. He was a great rider, and always had something new with the jerseys and the outfits. Now everybody has something hi-vis yellow or something like that. But back then it was cool. It was stylish. He was the first one.

Paxton Hyde: Niki, what is your favorite thing to do when you're not cycling?

Niki: Car racing, and playing with the kids.

Troy Collett: How much doyou eat and drink during the race and how do you recover after burning close to 10,000 calories?

Niki: I'd say on average we have about four Etixx Sports Nutrition gels and eight Etixx Sports Nutrition bars. When I come home I've got a beer in the fridge (laughs).

James CobLb what did it feel like to ride into the velodrome alone and cross the line in Roubaix last year?

Niki: It was a great feeling to finally win that cobble, It was incredible.

Zachary Slavens How has your track background benefited your road season, and do you for see more riders returning to the track?

Niki: For me it's a good preparation in the winter, and also a good thing to stay in shape during the winter. I really like to do it, the Six-days. I think it's a good way to start the season, as I also race Six Days of Rotterdam in January.

Richard Powell What's on your playlist whilst warming up?

Niki: Some hard house music!

Thomas Forde: Seriously though, do you ride by the numbers or by the feeling in your heart and mind?

Niki: Most of the time I don't have any sensor on my bike, so I go purely by my feeling.

Spencer Ralston What is your one guilty pleasure? Candy? Beer? Not shaving your legs everyday?

Niki: Good eating. I take a little too much portion wise. It's not anything specific. A good Dutch Croquette is a good example of something I like to eat, and a little too much of it.

Akari Yamamoto: Niki, I'm wishing you success in the coming Paris-Roubaix just like last year . Let me ask you a question: with whom do you like sharing a room the best in your team and why?

Niki: With Iljo Keisse. We are comfortable with each other on the road and also when we ride together in the Six-Days. He's a friend of mine and it's good you can be totally relaxed in the room. If you frequently change roommates it's not always relaxing.

Daniel Aguiar you usually ride on the Venge, why is it your choice? thanks

Niki: Because it's so aerodynamic. I like the behavior of the bike, but also my strength is to be in the breakaway. Then you need to be as aerodynamic as possible. So the bike really suits my riding style.

Tinneke Ceulemans Do you remember your very first race you won? How old were you? Did you ever believe back then you could become such a great rider like you are today?

Niki: I was eight years old and I still remember it. It was at my home bike club. I was just riding for fun at the time and didn't think about the future as it is now. But it felt good to win, that's for sure!

Isaac Onions: If you were to give any advice to anyone who wants to be a pro, what would it be?

Niki: If you really want to do it, if it is really your passion, you have to go 100 percent for it. This isn't something you can go for half-heartedly. It's a full commitment.

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