BLOG: A Difficult Moment for David De La Cruz

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Friday 28 August 2015 - 22:59

David De La Cruz withdrew from La Vuelta on Thursday due to pain in his right collarbone. In the blog below, David took a moment to talk about the difficult decision.

Hello to everyone,

As you already know, I had to leave Tour of Spain because I didn't completely recover from the surgery I had three weeks ago on my broken collarbone.

For sure this isn't my favorite moment. To race well you have to invest a lot of time and effort. For sure I did this, especially for a special race like La Vuelta.

Even after the crash in Tour de Pologne, I tried to come back to training as quickly as possible to be in good shape again for this final grand tour of the season. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to stay in the race due to the pain. It is really hard when you have to say goodbye to your teammates, staff, then go to your seat on the bus and take all your personal stuff... You can appreciate that the show must go on, but this time it's not with you.

But, despite the disappointment in having to withdraw, I am happy because I tried my best, to see if it was possible or not. We can always learn something from these experiences.

Now it is time to recover, to evaluate my injury over time, and wait for the sunshine to return. For sure I wish for my teammates to have a good rest of the race. I'm sure they will fight for the nice results I wanted to do before having to stop this race.



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