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Etixx Sports Nutrition: What do Cyclists Eat?
17/08/15 - 16:04
How do our Etixx - Quick-Step riders eat during the season? What do they eat? Etixx Sports Nutrition gives the explanation in the text below! More
#TDF2015: Etixx Sports Nutrition!
18/07/15 - 15:03
Do you want to know what is the favorite taste of Rigoberto Uran, or the favorite bar of Michal Kwiatkowski? Team Doctor Helge Riepenhof lets you know all about how we utilize our Etixx Sports Nutrition! More
Time Trial Preparation
22/06/15 - 16:04
Time trials are often decided by a few seconds. With no shelter from the wind, every weakness equates seconds lost at the finish line. Teams prepare for time trials weeks in advance, by inspecting the course and carefully assessing equipment choice in detail. This behind-the-scenes story reveals how Specialized Racing contributes to the More


Bakala Academy

Established in October 2013, the Bakala Academy aims to create a center of excellence to promote innovation and education in cycling and sports in general, as well as contributing to the development of sports within an international, cultural, and economic context. The academy provides high-quality services for Etixx – Quick-Step, the AWT-GreenWay Continental team, but all sports can benefit from it. Research and innovation inspire the facility’s operation, and the academy makes its expertise and services—the same as those used by Etixx – Quick-Step - available to all athletes, whether professional or recreational.

Among the services offered by Bakala Academy, in addition to functional assessments and pro endurance tests, are services related to sports nutrition and mental coaching. Bakala Academy also has a unique Altitude Center with five guest rooms that offer adequate living and recreational space to create a comfortable habitat at simulated altitude.

AWT Greenway

AWT - GreenWay Team

Investment in young riders, research and innovation. These are the principles that inspire Mr. Bakala’s investment in cycling. 2013 was a key year in the development of this project, thanks to the growth of the Etixx-IHned Continental team and the opening of Bakala Academy. In its first year, Team Etixx-IHned took 18 victories. But more importantly, the project allowed two riders, Alaphilippe and Vakoc, to move on to Omega Pharma – Quick-Step for the 2014 season and became two of the top 10 neo-pro riders of the year. Team Etixx (the official name in 2014) had again a great year with 14 victorie. Another rider from the team, Lukasz Wisniowski, became a part of Etixx – Quick-Step for 2015 thanks to the strict cooperation between the two teams. In 2015 the team is named AWT Greenway. AWT Greenway is guided by the same principles as Etixx – Quick-Step, with 12 riders of six different nationalities. It is a true farm team in which young talents can grow step by step and possibly reach the WorldTour level, gaining critical experience and a deep sporting culture education, assisted by a staff that is always in contact with the Etixx – Quick-Step staff. The investment in young riders is completed by professional scouting activities in the youth categories.


The Etixx– Quick-Step Team has enough range with Specialized’s elite S-Works division bikes for any race. Whether the Tarmac, the Venge for races like Milan-San Remo, the S-Works Roubaix SL3 for the cobbles, or the Shiv TT for riders like Tony Martin, Etixx - Quick-Step is prepared to win.

Below you can find a preview and introduction of our bikes. Or click here to view a fully detailed technical sheet.


The Venge is undoubtedly an aerodynamic bike specifically designed to have the lowest drag possible while best maintaining the handling and stiffness characteristics


Tarmac’s frame has been individually engineered and designed to its own performance targets and each size has an individual stiffness goal correlated to a prescribed ride quality. It’s the only bike where every size has been developed independently based on performance targets derived from real world data.


The Shiv is the perfect weapon for racing against the clock. The proof is the six rainbow jerseys won. The S Works SHIV TT is founded on the idea of wind cheating aerodynamics. The frame design allows to cut through the wind, making full use of every watt delivered to the pedals.

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