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Friday, Jan. 13, will be a big day for our fans. First, we're launching our new site at 9 a.m. CET. You can then explore a site designed with you, the fan, in mind. We're giving fans the ability to connect with our riders - and each other - unlike any ot

The excitement doesn't end there, however. We want you to be included in our media team presentation on the same day, because we believe you are an important part of our success. This is why we're embedding a livestream of the event — which starts at 11 a.m. CET, on Friday, Jan. 13 — on our new site.

We're sure you're curious about the presentation, but we can only give hints for the time being. The presentation will be called “the First Show,” and Mark Uytterhoeven will be the host.

We're sure you want to attend the team presentation on Friday, Jan. 13 in person, but no worries! We will have a fan specific presentation in March. We will keep you up to date about this event. For now, just know that we have big plans for you as fans of the Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team!

We'll explain just how fan specific our site is once it launches. For now, just know that we have big plans for you as fans of Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team. Be ready to click on when it launches at 9 a.m. CET on Jan. 13, and then follow the media team presentation livestream on the same site at 11 a.m. CET!

Part of Connecting is Being Social!

The Omega Pharma - Quick-Step Cycling Team is taking its Facebook and Twitter presence to the next level. We want to network with fans, and plan to offer special promotions and exclusive content throughout the season on platforms many are familiar with.

Our team site will be our "base," but Facebook and Twitter will be our "satellite" sources of information. We've already uploaded photos, posted race reports, shared videos and interacted with thousands of fans on our social media networks. Please be sure to "Follow" and "Like" us on Twitter and Facebook. We hope you will connect with us in 2012, with an enhanced and fan specific online presence.

Keep an eye out for social media exclusive contests leading up to our big site launch and team unveiling on Friday. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter, and to "Like" our official Facebook page, in order to participate

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