SKMartin Velits

Birthdate 21.02.1985
Nationality Slovakia
Birthplace Bratislava
Weight 72 kg
Height 185 cm
Pro since 2007
Twitter @martinvelits
Website -
Favorite race Paris-Roubaix

Martin's biography

Martin is a genuine team player capable of remarkable personal performances, especially in the time trial. Martin started riding with his brother Peter when he was 13, dividing his time between ice hockey in the winter and bike riding in the summer. Martin has a calm and thoughtful personality, loves music, and enjoys making time to read a good book. He’s quite attached to his family and proud of his Slovak origins and the culture of his country, which he thinks is “the most beautiful in the world”.

For 2016, Martin wants a similar season to the previous, except for one thing: “I will start early and finish late in the year, as I want to always be there for the team. My program will be pretty much the same and I hope things will go like in 2015, minus the collarbone fracture.”

Stats 2016

UCI Ranking:
#Victories: 0
#Top-10 positions: 0
Race distance covered: 781 km
Days of racing: 6 days

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